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The following is an update on the measures we have put in place to safeguard the health of customers, employees, industry workers and our community during the recovery stage of COVID19. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you any questions.

We kindly ask all of our guests to stay home and skip their tour if they have a fever or are not feeling well. Please follow CDC guidelines and allow yourself 2 weeks to recover after any illness. We will reschedule your tour, just let us know before the start of the tour so that we can make appropriate arrangements with wineries and reschedule our guides accordingly.

We have always sanitized our vehicles between tours but have now implemented a policy of wiping down common contact surfaces of the vehicles during the tour. After the tour guide gets customers started with tasting at each venue, they will return to the vehicle to wipe down and disinfect surfaces such as door handles, arm rests and seat backs as an additional safety measure. After each tour, guides continue our practice of disinfecting the entire interior of each vehicle.

We are limiting the number of guests we allow in each vehicle in accordance with state & local guidelines and recommendations, and wineries are limiting the size of groups at each tasting as well. We accept bookings of any size, but we may need to split groups up at the venues across multiple tasting bars, if required by the venue, and we may use multiple vehicles for large groups as needed to provide additional distancing in transit. We recommend groups follow state guidelines with respect to social distancing during a tour, but do not police our guests in any way.

We will have seats allocated for each group on tours and will allow guests to choose their seats from those available. We also ask that guests do not change their selected seat once the tour has started in order to reduce shared contact.

Per the Texas Governors executive order, all Texans, with few exceptions, are required to wear face coverings in public spaces in all counties visited by Majesty Tours. Face coverings should cover the mouth and nose, but are not required while eating or drinking. In order to be in complience with State and Local guidelines, we ask that all guides & guests wear face coverings on our vehicles while in transit to and from venues. We also recommend everyone bring a travel size container of hand sanitizer with them on the tour, but sanitizer should be available at each location, and your guide will have some available upon request.

We allow people to bring food or snacks onto the vehicle, but we ask that you keep your food in your personal area during the tour and sealed shut whenever you leave the vehicle. Your guide will have a trash bag available for you to dispose of waste at every stop, and your guide will sanitize between stops, and unsealed food may be exposed to sanitizer solution, so care should be taken. If lunch or dinner is included with your tour, we may be required to split larger groups up at restaurants in accordance with local regulations. Also, keep in mind that most venues will not permit outside food on their premises at this time.

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Updated July 3, 2020

There are many great wineries operating in and around the Fredericksburg, Texas Wine Country, and we hope to see even more operating as normal in the days ahead. Each winery is providing different services and experiences, and we are adapting as needed to provide guests with a great tour, while maintaining compliance with state and local government public safety mandates.

Some larger groups may need to be split into smaller groups at the wineries in accordance with current state and local guidelines, although we can still transport larger groups, but we may choose to use multiple vehicles as is necessary.

Distilleries and Breweries are not currently not offering tasting experiences, so our Spirit Tour has been suspended until these venues have resumed normal operations to guests.

We are in close contact with all of the wineries in and around the Fredericksburg, Texas Hill Country and will include wineries on tours as they become available.

The weather has been beautiful and the staff at all of the wineries have been friendly and helpful. It’s still a great experience to be shared with family and friends.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you any questions.

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